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Film director Kenta Fukasaku shoots new film in Hiroshima

Impressed by bright smiles of children in developing countries

Kenta Fukasaku, 40, is a film director who directed the film “We Can’t Change the World But We Wanna Build a School in Cambodia,” which was released in 2011. Asked his motivation for making the film, he said, “The children of developing countries have such bright smiles. I wanted to compare their smiles with the children of Japan.”

The movie is based on the true story of a Japanese medical student who strives to build a school in Cambodia with his friends in order to change the dissatisfaction he feels with his own life.

The main character is a young man of compassion who wishes to help the children of Cambodia directly, not merely through sending donations or goods. It seemed to me that his efforts made people in Cambodia really happy. On the subject of volunteer action, Mr. Fukasaku said, “Both money and passion are vital. And it’s important to keep up your efforts and not burn yourself out.”

While Mr. Fukasaku was filming in Cambodia, the local people went a long way to get precious drinking water to wash off the muddy shoes of the film crew. It makes me wonder if we could be so kind to others. I think it would be very hard for us, the way we are now.

Last summer Mr. Fukasaku shot a new film in Hiroshima, called “My Summertime Map.” For this film he sought to convey the reality of Hiroshima from a child’s point of view. For the cast and crew who worked on the film, along with the people of Hiroshima and the world, Mr. Fukasaku hopes that the movie will convey the state of Hiroshima today, amid the uniformity taking place in society. (Reiko Takaya, 15)

(Originally Published on February 4, 2013)