Junior Writers Reporting

Hiroshima Association for UNICEF supports children in the world through fundraising and workshops

The Hiroshima Association for UNICEF, based in Naka Ward, Hiroshima, was established in 2006 to lend support to The United Nations Children’s Fund in Hiroshima Prefecture. The group’s efforts are aimed at helping to create a world where children can live happy, peaceful lives.

For instance, the group holds workshops designed to inform participants about children’s living conditions in developing countries. Participants might be given the chance to hold the same kind of water pot used by children in Nepal to carry water.

In developing nations, collecting water at rivers and lakes is a child’s job. Some children are unable to attend school because they must help with such household chores.

At some workshops, the participants try to make paper bags, a job undertaken by children in India and Bangladesh. The purpose of these workshop activities is to convey the reality of child labor, in which children are forced to work to help support their families.

Other efforts pursued by the Hiroshima Association for UNICEF include fundraising and holding photo exhibitions.

Masami Yamamoto, 48, is the head of the group. “We’d like to help form a bridge between the Japanese people and children in far-off countries,” she said. Explaining what teens can do, she appealed: “It’s important to know not only about your immediate surroundings, but also about the bigger world. Please look for something you can do and take action.” (Saya Teranishi,16)

(Originally Published on February 25, 2013)