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“Thousand Crane Club” at Hiroshima International School

Students serve as guides at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

Members of the “Thousand Crane Club” at Hiroshima International School, located in Asakita Ward, serve as guides in English at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.

The club was founded at the school in 1985 and currently has four members, from the sixth grade of elementary school to the second year of high school. Until recently, club members had mainly been involved in offering the chains of paper cranes that arrive at the school from students in other parts of the world to the Children’s Peace Monument in Peace Memorial Park.

But last fall, they began studying about the monuments in the park and became inspired to do more beyond the offerings of paper cranes.

First, the members of the club made posters which explain the monuments and posted them in the school so other students could learn more about the Hiroshima bombing.

In addition, when students from schools abroad, such as the United States and Kenya, visited Hiroshima, members of the “Thousand Crane Club” served as guides for these groups at Peace Memorial Park. Keita Nomura, 18, a second-year high school student, said, “When students from America, who were members of a chorus, sang a song in front of the Children’s Peace Monument, they were in tears. I was glad to see that their interest in peace was so heartfelt.”

Tatsuya Kuranishi, 17, also in his second year in high school, is the leader of the club. He said, “We want to convey information about the atomic bombing to as many people as possible. We plan to strengthen our ties with other teens and expand our activities.” (Daichi Ishii, 17 and Yuri Ryokai, 16)

(Originally published on September 30, 2013)