Chisa Nishida’s presentation

Thank you very much for this very special opportunity, ambassador Yoshikawa. I’m excited to be here. I’m Chisa Nishida, and I’m with the Nagasaki Youth Delegation.

The Nagasaki Youth Delegation was established a year ago. Our main objectives are to deepen the understanding of young people in Nagasaki regarding the current international debate about nuclear weapons and to establish strong bonds with people all over the world involved with this issue. This time, the program has given eight young people, including myself, the chance to participate in this preparatory conference. All eight of us are deeply thankful for this wonderful opportunity. During the coming two weeks in NYC, we want to learn, share thoughts and exchange opinions with you.

Let me begin by introducing myself. I’m originally from Hiroshima, but I’m now a medical student at Nagasaki University. I grew up in Hiroshima, and in high school served as a junior writer for our local newspaper. I learned a great deal about the atomic bomb’s cruelty, and I have always wondered why we can’t abolish these terrible weapons. I am still wondering.

In asking others about this, I found that many people believe that nuclear weapons actually provide security. Some believe that there are many highly complicated issues related to national interests and international relationships. On the other hand, there is also a powerful movement that believes we can and must resolve these issues quickly and abolish nuclear weapons regardless of the obstacles. The Nagasaki Youth Delegation is a part of this movement.

I want to share with you something told to me by an atomic bomb survivor. His words never fail to inspire me when I’m at a standstill. He said, “Humans created nuclear weapons, humans used nuclear weapons, and humans have the ability to abolish nuclear weapons. No one can truly ignore the nuclear issue because we all live in the nuclear age. Those who know have the responsibly to share, and those who don’t have the responsibility to learn. It’s up to you young people to study these issues well and pass what you learn on to others.”

I want to honor his words and make the best of this special experience. My actions are one small step, but we all play an important part in the bigger drama. I think of my part as growing “peace seeds” in my mind and sharing the fruit with everyone I can.

Thank you.