Shimane Prefecture establishes new duty allowance for employee dispatched to nuclear power plant in Fukushima

by Naoya Kawai, Staff Writer

Shimane Prefecture will submit a revised ordinance bill for a new special duty allowance at the Prefectural Assembly session to start on June 11. The allowance will be provided to its employees in the event they undertake work in or around the grounds of the Fukushima No. 1 (Daiichi) nuclear power plant. Modeled after cases involving the Japanese government, the duty allowance for work performed at the site will be 40,000 yen per day. This will be the first of five prefectures in the Chugoku Region to establish a duty allowance for work assignments at the nuclear plant in Fukushima.

Shimane Prefecture has assigned one employee to the Secretariat of the Nuclear Regulation Authority, located in Tokyo, since July 2013. After assuming an administrative role, implementing safety regulations for boiling water reactors, this past spring, the employee began entering the reactor buildings on the grounds of the power station. As allowances for the employee must be shouldered by the prefectural government, the decision was made to establish the new allowance. An official in the personnel department of Shimane Prefecture said, “We had not considered instances where dispatched workers would be engaged inside the nuclear power plant. We would like to provide this allowance after promptly revising the ordinance.”

  (Originally published on June 7, 2014)