Citizens light candles in front of A-bomb Dome to protest attacks on Gaza

by Masakazu Domen, Staff Writer

On the evening of July 22, an urgent gathering was held in front of the Atomic Bomb Dome in downtown Hiroshima to protest Israel’s military strikes on the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian-controlled area, and call for an immediate ceasefire. About 50 people lighted candles and offered prayers for the victims.

The gathering was organized by the “Hiroshima-Middle East Network,” a citizens’ group. Motaz Sabri, a Palestinian student at the graduate school of Hiroshima University said that many of the victims are women and children, and asked if they were terrorists who deserved to die in these attacks.

People have gathered at the A-bomb Dome for three straight evenings since July 20, when the number of victims rose sharply. The participants voiced their thoughts one after another, offering such comments as “Let us raise our voices to tell them to stop and let them know the world is watching.”

(Originally published on July 23, 2014)