Junior high students from Miyoshi, Hiroshima Prefecture, meet Jimmy Carter in U.S.

by Keiichi Nohei, Staff Writer

Junior high school students from the city of Miyoshi, located in northern Hiroshima Prefecture, reported on a visit to their sister city in the United States. At the Jimmy Carter Civic Center in the Konu area of Miyoshi, they shared their experiences in Americus, Georgia.

A total of 25 third-year students at Konu, Tokaichi, Kisa, Shiomachi and Funo junior high schools stayed with host families between August 5 and 12. Each student made a presentation about their experiences, which included meeting with former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, performing a traditional folk dance from Miyoshi, and going bowling with host families.

Moneka Kondo, 14, from Konu Junior High School, said, “I learned it’s important that I try to speak in English even though I can’t speak it well.” Yuta Yoshisako, 14, of Funo Junior High School, said, “When I asked Mr. Carter in English why he became president, he answered that he wanted to help keep the country peaceful. Because of that, I gained confidence in myself.”

Exchanges between the cities of Miyoshi and Americus began after Mr. Carter visited Konu in 1990.

(Originally published on September 26, 2014)