Large exhibits removed before renovation of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

by Takeshi Kikumoto, Staff Writer

Preparing for the complete renovation of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, the City of Hiroshima has begun to remove large exhibits from the East Building of the museum. On October 3, two panoramic models that depict the former Nakajima district before and after the atomic bombing were dismantled. The Nakajima district lay close to the bomb’s hypocenter. The removal of the exhibits will be completed by October 18, then the full renovation work will proceed.

Both panoramic models are round and about 3.3 meters in diameter. They were created using aerial photos of the district for reference in time for the opening of the East Building in 1994. It is estimated that about 6,000 people lived in this district at the time of the bombing.

On October 3, each model, about three centimeters thick, was cut into three pieces with electric-powered saws. They will be kept in the museum for about a month. If someone from the public expresses a desire to put them to practical use, the city will consider donating them for this cause. The city has already decided to dispose of the model of the A-bomb Dome and the “Globe of Nuclear Weapons,” which shows the nuclear weapon states and the number of nuclear warheads each nation holds.

After the renovation has been completed, a five-meter panoramic model will be on display, showing projected images of the city before and after the bombing. The museum is hoping to assume a larger role in conveying the inhumane nature of nuclear weapons. After this major renovation, the museum will fully reopen in the spring of 2018.

(Originally published on October 4, 2014)