Lawyer from Gaza speaks at Hiroshima University, describes Gaza plight

by Tsutomu Kanayama, Staff Writer

On October 15, Raji Sourani, 60, a lawyer from Gaza, an autonomous part of Palestine, spoke at Hiroshima University in Higashihiroshima City and described the situation in Gaza, which suffered heavy damage from Israeli attacks that began in July. About 130 teachers, students, and citizens were in attendance.

Mr. Sourani said that 2,246 people were killed. “I had never experienced attacks as atrocious as those we experienced this summer. They were criminal acts,” he said, referring to the intensity of the attacks. He pointed out that Israel even bombed schools run by the United Nations and hospitals, which were serving as shelters.

A ceasefire was announced at the end of August, but the Gaza Strip continues to suffer from economic and social isolation due to the blockade which restricts the movement of people and goods in and out of Gaza. Mr. Sourani appealed to the audience to support the self-determination of the Palestinian people and said that he is resolved to continue his righteous fight for peace.

Toshikuni Doi, who graduated from Hiroshima University, has been reporting on Palestine as a journalist. He shared Mr. Sourani’s work with the university and the lecture was then arranged. Mr. Sourani came to Japan on October 8 and also spoke at the University of Tokyo and at Kyoto University.

(Originally published on October 16, 2014)