Junior high school student in Fukuyama reports on visit to United Nations

by Yoshihiko Abe, Staff Writer

On October 14, Kotaro Fujii, 13, a first-year student at Fukuyama Junior High School in Fukuyama City, reported to his school on the study tour he took part in abroad. As one of the Japan Children United Nations Ambassadors, dispatched by the Junior Chamber International Japan (JCI), Kotaro visited United Nations Headquarters and other places in New York. He stressed the importance of providing assistance to developing nations, among other points.

In front of about 120 first-year students, Kotaro reported that malaria is widespread in Africa and is difficult to contain because of poverty. He explained how efforts to raise funds to send mosquito nets to affected nations are expanding. “If each one of us pays attention to these issues, the world will change,” he said.

The JCI has sent the Japan Children United Nations Ambassadors to New York each year since 2011 with the aim of developing human resources that can contribute to the international community. Kotaro participated in this year’s study tour from July 22 to 28 as one of 30 students from across Japan who are in the sixth to ninth grades. They joined students of the same age in the United States and learned about poverty and environmental issues from United Nations officials.

(Originally published on October 15, 2014)