Special exhibition marking 85th anniversary of Anne Frank’s birth is held in Fuchu-cho, Hiroshima Prefecture

by Nobutake Tanaka, Staff Writer

A special exhibition marking the 85th anniversary of the birth of Anne Frank (1929-1945) opened in Fuchu-cho, Hiroshima Prefecture, on October 15. The exhibition being held at Hiroshima Church of the Congregation of Jesus is titled “Kibo no mirai” (“Future of Hope”) and is part of a traveling exhibition organized for the first time by the Holocaust Education Center in Fukuyama, a city in the eastern part of Hiroshima Prefecture. The exhibition in Fuchu-cho will run until October 19. Admission is free.

The exhibition includes 28 panels which explain the lives of Anne and her father Otto, the contents of Anne’s diary, and the historical background of the Holocaust. Also on display are 10 personal effects such as a radio, which once belonged to the Frank family and is now owned by the center, and a model of a wall decoration. A striped uniform, which is believed to have been worn by a prisoner at a Nazi concentration camp, is also featured in the exhibition. The uniform was donated to the center this past August.

Akio Yoshida, 45, the deputy director of the center, commented, “The tragedy arose from minds of discrimination. I hope young people and children will come and see the exhibition so that such tragedies will not be repeated.” Mr. Yoshida will give a talk on the subject starting at 10:30 a.m. on October 19.

The exhibition of panels only, which started in March, will continue to travel to different sites across the nation until June of next year. In the city of Hiroshima, exhibitions will be held at the Hiroshima Peace Institute of Hiroshima City University (October 27 to November 2), the school festival at Sotoku High School (November 3), and Hiroshima City University’s satellite campus in downtown Hiroshima (November 4 to 10).

(Originally published on October 16, 2014)