Citizens’ group of Hiroshima pursues signature drive to oppose right to collective self-defense

A citizens’ group comprised of A-bomb survivors and peace activists, called the “Hiroshima Anti-war Committee of 1000,” pursued a signature drive against the Japanese government’s approval of exercising the nation’s right to collective self-defense on September 27.

Holding a banner which read “Approval of exercising the right to collective self-defense will lead directly to war,” about 30 members of the group appealed to passersby at the Hondori shopping arcade in Naka Ward, Hiroshima. Tadatoshi Akiba, the head of the group and the former mayor of Hiroshima, stressed that the nation’s “Peace Constitution” will become a thing of the past under these circumstances and public apathy will pave the way for war.

  The committee was launched this past May and has gathered about 4,000 signatures in Hiroshima Prefecture. These signatures of support, as well as signatures collected by other organizations, will be delivered to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the speaker of the Diet’s Lower House, and the president of the Upper House.

(Originally published on September 28, 2014)