Former foreign student who was in Hiroshima at time of A-bombing dies

On December 4 Hiroshima University announced that a former foreign student who was in Hiroshima at the time of the atomic bombing died in Jakarta, Indonesia on November 30. Hasan Rahaya was 91.

Mr. Rahaya came to Japan in 1944 under a special government-sponsored program for foreign students from Southeast Asia. In April 1945 he entered the Hiroshima University of Literature and Science, the predecessor of Hiroshima University, and was in the city at the time of the atomic bombing. After returning to Indonesia he served in various posts including as a member of Parliament.

In March 2013 Hiroshima University awarded Mr. Rahaya an honorary doctorate, citing his efforts to strengthen friendly relations between Japan and Indonesia and his promotion of peace-related activities. According to the university, with the death of Mr. Rahaya, of the nine students from Southeast Asia on government scholarships who experienced the atomic bombing, only Pengiran Yusuf, former prime minister of Brunei, is still living.

(Originally published on December 5, 2014)