World Friendship Center announces special events to commemorate 50th year of peace exchange

by Michiko Tanaka, Staff Writer

The World Friendship Center (WFC), a Hiroshima-based NPO located in Nishi Ward, Hiroshima, will be engaged in special events in 2015 to commemorate the 5oth year since it was established. The center plans to create a video which traces its steps over the past 50 years and pursue a new home to replace its aging facility.

The World Friendship Center was founded in August 1965 by the late Barbara Reynolds, a U.S. peace activist. The WFC, currently located in Higashi-kanon-cho, Nishi Ward, organizes mutual dispatches of peace workers from Japan to the United States and South Korea, and sessions with A-bomb survivors to share their accounts with international visitors to Hiroshima.

In April 2015, the organization plans to hold a ceremony with the eldest daughter of Ms. Reynolds, attending from the United States, and others. It also intends to produce a DVD to describe its activities, compile its materials and create a commemorative publication, and relocate its facility, which has lasted for nearly 50 years. To carry out these many activities, the WFC has begun a fundraising campaign with a target of 12 million yen.

On December 18, WFC board members, including Hiromu Morishita, 84, an A-bomb survivor and former chairman of the group, held a press conference at Hiroshima City Hall to ask for cooperation, saying, “We would like to carry on the will and activities of our predecessors to the next generation.”

(Originally published on December 19, 2014)