A-bomb exhibition to be held in conjunction with Ise Shima summit in May

by Michiko Tanaka, Staff Writer

The City of Hiroshima has decided to hold an A-bomb exhibition in the adjacent city of Ise, Mie Prefecture in conjunction with the Group of Seven (G7) summit (Ise Shima summit) which will take place in the city of Shima, Mie Prefecture on May 26 and 27. The exhibition will be jointly organized by the City of Nagasaki. The aim is to convey the horror of the atomic bombings to the summit participants and advance the abolition of nuclear weapons.

The exhibition will include materials related to the atomic bombings such as personal belongings of the A-bomb victims, posters showing the reality of the A-bomb damage, photographs, and explanations. It will run for eight days, including the days when the summit is held, at the Ise Tourism and Culture Center. This facility is located 22 kilometers from Kashiko Island in Shima, where the summit will take place.

The City of Hiroshima held A-bomb exhibitions in Itoman, Okinawa when the Kyushu Okinawa Summit (G8) was held in 2000, and in Sapporo, Hokkaido when the Hokkaido Toyako Summit (G8) took place in 2008. It sent letters of request on both occasions, urging the leaders from the G8 nations to visit the exhibitions, but these requests were not met.

The City of Hiroshima is expected to include the costs for the exhibition in the city’s initial budget for fiscal 2016. The costs are thought to be around 4 million yen, an amount similar to the costs incurred for the previous exhibitions.

(Originally published on January 29, 2016)