Hiroshima Peace Institute to work with Korean Institute in East Asian research

by Kyosuke Mizukawa, Staff Writer

On February 17, the Hiroshima Peace Institute of Hiroshima City University, located in Asaminami Ward, signed an agreement to create ties of cooperation with the Sejong Institute of Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, a South Korean think tank for foreign policy and security. This is the first time for the Hiroshima Peace Institute to conclude an agreement of this kind with an overseas research body. The Japanese and Korean institutes will work together to promote peace in East Asia and organize the joint-hosting of international conferences and academic exchanges.

The Sejong Institute was founded in January 1986 under the auspices of the Sejong Foundation, a private South Korean organization. It formulates policies involving North Korea, hosts academic seminars, and trains government officials. In 2014, staff from the Sejong Institute participated in a symposium organized by the Hiroshima Peace Institute and promoted personnel exchanges.

On February 17, the directors of the two organizations signed an agreement at the Hiroshima Peace Institute. Referring to the announcement of North Korea’s nuclear test last month, Jin Chang-Soo, the director of the Sejong Institute, told reporters that Hiroshima is a symbolic city in the efforts to eliminate nuclear weapons and stressed that the joint research to be pursued by the two institutes is very important to the peace and stability of Northeast Asia. Gen Kikkawa, the president of the Hiroshima Peace Institute, said that ties with the Sejong Institute would help with obtaining vital information on North Korea’s nuclear development efforts and conditions on the Korean Peninsula. Mr. Kikkawa hopes that the cooperative relationship between the two institutes will deepen further as the result of initiatives like inviting Korean researchers to seminars organized by Hiroshima City University.

(Originally published on February 18, 2016)