Hello from UNITAR: Voices of Sympathy for Western Japan

by Yoko Morita, UNITAR Hiroshima Office

UNITAR Hiroshima Office staff would like to express our sincere condolences to those who lost loved ones or experienced the devastation caused by torrential rain in Western Japan. We sincerely hope for everyone’s safety and quick recovery.

We received many messages of sympathy from people both in Japan and around the world, including UNITAR Executive Director Nikhil Seth, staff of the UNITAR head office in Geneva, and colleagues in other UN agencies. Everyone expressed their wish to support Hiroshima’s people in this time of crisis.

Friends, partners, and former UNITAR programme participants from Afghanistan also kindly sent us messages. They expressed sentiments such as, “I wish you all are safe and that Hiroshima is not suffering anymore. I am sure that the people of Hiroshima are resilient enough to cope with this incident”; “I feel your people’s pain and am praying for them. I believe that great people of Japan will recover soon, as they did in the past”; “Please accept our heartfelt sympathy for the loss of life, injuries, and damage to property in Japan. We can understand your feelings of sorrow for your loved ones, relatives, or friends who have been affected by the tragedy.” Everyone said they were shocked by news of the disaster.

UNITAR would like to express our deep appreciation and respect for those working hard to restore areas affected by the disaster, and we hope for the safety and wellbeing of all those affected.

(Originally published on July 24, 2018)