Hello from UNITAR: Engaging with beneficiaries and the community

by Yoko Morita, UNITAR Hiroshima Office

This column “Hello from UNITAR” began in May 2018 to celebrate our 15th anniversary. This article marks the thirtieth column, and the concluding one as the year draws to a close. We appreciate you following us as we shared our activities and people directly with you.

Preparing for these columns enhanced my opportunities to listen deeply to the stories of participants and colleagues. They are motivated by their passions, whether it is to improve themselves, build a stronger society, or spread peace. These passions have inspired me, and I hope that they have reached you through these columns, too.

UNITAR Hiroshima Office will continue to enhance and expand our training programmes for next 15 years. By March 2019, we will implement a new training programme for Syrian people, bring new participants to Hiroshima for the Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation Training Programme, as well as the Sahel Region Anti-Corruption Training Programme. Our new initiatives in the near future include several online courses and events for the community of Hiroshima. Thank you again, and see you!

(Originally published on December 18, 2018)